Staff Augmentation


A company’s ability to adapt, and not only plan, but execute business models and tech infrastructure, is key to a Digital Transformation process.

Successful Digital Transformation projects require a combination of accelerating innovation, anticipating change, and outpacing demands.

Not all companies are prepared for such an endeavor; and that is where Staff Augmentation comes into play. Your Team may need extra hands, expertise or the use of agile methodologies, to scale up.

Outsourced Team Augmentation is a flexible way to hire a pool of dedicated developers, quickly and effectively.

NovaShore has been providing Nearshore Human Resource Augmentation services to regional and multinational companies for almost two decades. We offer a specialized Staff Augmentation model that adds value through digital innovation solutions.

Our software development engineers provide the kind of external perspective, agility, and understanding required for real innovation. Directly manage your dedicated team and have full ownership of your product development.

NovaShore takes care of the rest: office space, equipment, payroll, taxes, sick-days, holidays and employee benefits.


NovaShore has offices in Miami, Florida and a Software Delivery Center in San José, Costa Rica. We work with agile methodologies to ensure adaptability to our customer’s processes and preferences.


Human Resource Augmentation services allow regional and multinational companies outsource the hiring of tech talent.

IT Team Augmentation allows businesses to hire short or long-term employees from a larger talent pool in neighboring countries.

These hires can compliment an already existing in-house team or help establish a development team from scratch. Moreover, the outsourced company handles most of the process, including hiring, payroll, office equipment, and more.

IT Staff Augmentation services help companies reach their goals quickly and more effectively. With lower costs, a wider candidate pool, and flexibility, an outsourced Resource Augmentation model can prove highly beneficial.

Your Outsourced Team Augmentation Partner


We work when you work. This allows for seamless communication with bilingual consultants – which transforms into reduced bottlenecks and blockers.
Your outsourced team members will be online and available during your work hours. Emergency troubleshooting, testing, and real-time maintenance are all possible with Outsourced Human Resource Augmentation.

Reduced Costs

Our cost-effective rates and solutions save you time and money. We deliver more in less time.
Moreover, the possibility to obtain short-term hires for specific assignments can help companies save money over time. Organizations will only pay for workers for the specific period of time that they are needed. This helps avoid costs associated with a full-time employee.

Ease of Business

We have the flexibility and agility to modify projects according to the customer’s needs and requirements. Our outsourcing model in turn, delivers more value.
Our IT Staff Augmentation process adapts to your operations. We work to deliver the skill sets you require during each step of your projects.


Partnering with NovaShore will give you access to a wide array of highly skilled software development professionals. Your outsourced team commits to project results and provide value to the organization.

Whether you need to hire your first engineer or an entire team for a specific project, NovaShore can help. Our Nearshore Team Augmentation Services will allow you to quickly grow your team and fill gaps. With IT Staff Augmentation, you can deliver on your Digital Transformation strategy or IT initiative.

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