Robotic Process Automation


RPA is the application of a software technology intended to automate business processes. These can range from very simple to extremely complex processes.

This RPA software, also known as “robots,” operates and connects with a company’s systems and applications. As a result, it modernizes processes and decreases the workload performed by human resources.

RPA solutions are designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Moreover, they help a business expand by delegating manual and repetitive tasks to robots.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can automate workflow tasks and evaluate intricate processes.

Examples include invoicing, data entry, payroll, sales orders, and staff information, such as onboarding and employment terminations.Looking for an automation solution to enhance your business operations?

At NOVACOMP, we offer outsourced RPA services. Reap the benefits of RPA by partnering with a professional and reliable nearshore RPA company.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s kick-start your road to automated processes.


More and more CIO’s are turning to RPA to eliminate tedious tasks. You can apply automation anywhere. From data entry and validation to file manipulation, screen scraping, workflow acceleration, and much more. Data-intensive processes especially profit from implementing RPA tools.

RPA allows employees to focus on value-added tasks, leaving the operation and tedious tasks to the robots. As a result, you can enhance processes, increase productivity, and so much more.

At NOVACOMP, our team is equipped with the latest technologies to create customized solutions according to the task needed. We have the knowledge and experience to help your business take advantage of RPA. 

Unleash the power of the Cloud

Our Cloud Solutions provide a wide range of benefits for companies looking to modernize their IT Infrastructure. Cost savings, higher efficiency, improved cloud technology, and more. Learn how NovaShore can help your organization kick off its journey to Digital Transformation.

Greater Fit for Legacy Systems

We work when you work. This allows for seamless communication with bilingual consultants – which transforms into reduced bottlenecks and blockers.
Your outsourced team members will be online and available during your work hours. Emergency troubleshooting, testing, and real-time maintenance are all possible with Outsourced Human Resource Augmentation.

Process Improvements

Our cost-effective rates and solutions save you time and money. We deliver more in less time.
Moreover, the possibility to obtain short-term hires for specific assignments can help companies save money over time. Organizations will only pay for workers for the specific period of time that they are needed. This helps avoid costs associated with a full-time employee.

Relocate Resources

We have the flexibility and agility to modify projects according to the customer’s needs and requirements. Our outsourcing model in turn, delivers more value.
Our IT Staff Augmentation process adapts to your operations. We work to deliver the skill sets you require during each step of your projects.

Enhanced Internal Processes

Internal operations are greatly favored. Payroll, employee onboarding, and terminations are only some examples of what automation can enhance.

Affordable Scalability

Automation doesn’t require new infrastructure. Robotic Process Automation technology can be easily scaled at a low cost.

Better quality service

RPA platforms allow businesses to speed up processes and improve accuracy at the same time. Process automation highly reduces manual errors.

Affordable Scalability

RPA can overlay existing IT infrastructure and doesn’t rely on complex integration processes. RPA offers a cheaper and simpler alternative to AI and machine learning.

Better quality service

By eliminating human error and improving processes, you get higher quality data. This makes insights and analysis more accurate and valuable.

Reap the Benefits of RPA

Partner with the best RPA company and take advantage of automation to improve processes and enhance productivity. At NOVACOMP, we adapt your RPA strategy to your infrastructure, applications, and needs. Outsourced RPA automation is our forte. Get in touch with our RPA experts today and let’s get started with your automation strategy.

Use Cases

RPA can be implemented in a wide variety of ways and for diverse departments. Data-intensive processes become more accurate, quick, and overall efficient. Take a look at where you can apply RPA solutions:





Human Resources / Recruitment

Extract Data in different formats

By automating basic tasks, employees can focus on high-return tasks. Companies can also boost their automation efforts by injecting RPA with disruptive technologies. These include artificial intelligence, and machine learning, among others.

At NOVACOMP, we can direct you on the path to a structured and efficient RPA project. This way, you can focus on building a stronger business.

Partnering with an RPA company has become increasingly important. Rapidly growing business pressure and challenging digital transformation agendas have increased the need for automation solutions. Make sure your company doesn’t fall behind its competitors, employ Robotic Process Automation.


RPA automation can greatly benefit a variety of industries. Labor-intensive and time-consuming processes can be delegated to automation software robots while human resources focus on other vital operations.

Some of the sectors that can take most advantage of automation include:

  • Telecommunications
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Information Technology (IT)

How can NOVACOMP Help?

Some businesses take on implementing RPA on their own. However, most businesses don’t have the time, capital, and human resources to apply RPA without external help. This is where outsourcing RPA companies come into play.

Partnering with an outsourced company that specializes in RPA automation is the most time and budget-conscious alternative for most companies. At NOVACOMP, we have the experience, manpower, and programming skills to handle your RPA needs.

Our Robotic Process Automation experts carry out an exhaustive analysis of your current IT infrastructure and your processes. This way, we properly identify your needs and develop the most comprehensive automation solutions to meet them.

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