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Our QA Automation Testers apply best practices to all verification and validation processes as part of quality assurance, through the lifecycle of all software products.

QA Testing encompasses the entire software development life cycle. It is a process that ensures all software engineering processes, methods, activities and work items are monitored, verified, and audited to comply with defined standards. NovaShore is certified in ISO 9001:2015.

At NovaShore, we provide outsourced QA Automated Testing services that help your company focus efforts and resources on other types of testing. Our QA Testing consultants have knowledge and expertise handling a variety of programming languages and employing automated testing tools that can help you save time and money as well as ensure the high performance of your software products.

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At NovaShore, we offer a wide range of Cloud Solutions. Whether you’re looking to migrate your data or optimize your current data management software, we are the Cloud Service Provider for you. We offer custom services including:


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Functional Testing Automation (web, mobile, and desktop appS)

Software products grow in size and complexity over time. With each iteration and functional increase of your software products, the scope and testing strategy can grow. This in turn, triggers costs and makes the initial base of human manual testing insufficient. QA Automation Testers can provide a variety of benefits for big companies stuck in this process.
With our automated QA testing solutions, you can:

  • Avoid the excessive growth of your equipment.
  • Avoid sacrificing the scope or coverage of testing and therefore quality levels.
  • Maintain the pace of progress in your project and the balance between cost and quality.
  • Increase the productivity of your testing equipment.
  • Activate and delegate repetitive tasks such as regression testing, to our automation solutions, and allow your manual testing team to concentrate on other types of testing, with more added value for the product.

Performance Testing
(load and stress)

Software quality should not only include the functional dimension, but also attributes of non-functional quality. These include usability, functional suitability, performance efficiency, security, compatibility, reliability and portability, which are defined by ISO/IEC (ISO 25010) norms that stipulate these non-functional attributes. Nearshore QA testing offers a time and resource-conscious solution for Performance Testing.
Our Quality Assurance Automation services offer a variety of benefits that help you:

  • Anticipate and mitigate risks of performance degradation of your applications.
  • Plan the required future improvements, according to the future growth of concurrent access, load or stress on your system.

A team of dedicated QA Automation Testers with ample experience in systems simulation, for performance tests can provide:

  • Modeling to simulate the behavior of individual users (Performance digital twin).
  • Design and implement load and stress injection simulation solutions for performance measurement.
  • Test Execution and monitoring.
  • Analysis of test results and recommendations according to our experience with multiple and diverse clients.

WebServices Testing Automation

The cost of repairing software defects grows over time. That is, the sooner a bug is detected and contained, the lower the risk, cost and future impact. This added to the fact that the use of services and microservice architectures has increased. As a result, it has become very important and of great value to incorporate QA testing at the service or API level, prior to the execution of automated testing at UI level.
With our Quality Assurance Automation solutions for Web Services, you can:

  • Detect and contain defects or bugs, even before running functional integration tests and at the UI level.
  • Get quick feedback about the services or APIs used and consumed by your applications, ensuring the quality of the components and services, before performing your integrated tests, system tests or UAT.

Test Automation
for Artificial Intelligence

With the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution, and disruptive technologies, organizations have begun to implement and integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in their processes. These types of technologies pose new challenges, paradigms, processes, techniques and tools in the software testing and quality assurance field. The probabilistic and non-deterministic nature of these types of solutions implies the application of new techniques, such as QA Testing, to ensure quality levels.
Our QA Automation Testers have the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure the quality of your AI solutions. We apply a variety of Quality Assurance Automation techniques, such as:

  • Model testing
  • Internal and external validity
  • Metamorphic Testing
  • A / B Testing
  • Feature Engineering and Testing
  • Testing on Artificial Intelligence at unit, integration, system and user acceptance levels
  • Generation of testing metrics to measure predictive accuracy of the model, testing coverage
  • Analysis and design of acceptance criteria for AI solutions.









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