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Our nearshore software development company has a robust trajectory, experience, and growth.

We are based in Costa Rica, one of the leading locations in Latin America for outsourcing technology and talent. Our nearshore outsourcing company offers a wide range of products and services to help develop, test, and maintain software.

Additionally, we provide a talent pool of highly skilled and experienced professionals that offer operative efficiency and cost savings solutions. We have positioned ourselves in the market, becoming one of the leading nearshore software development companies in fields such as:


RPA is the application of a software technology intended to automate business processes. These can range from very simple to extremely complex processes.

We use our experience to help our customers bridge the gap between strategy and execution. 

IBM Legacy Systems
Skilled and experienced team to develop and maintain IBM Legacy Systems, increasing efficiency, and competitiveness.

QA Automation
We also deliver high-quality automation solutions to prevent future errors and ensure an excellent user experience.

IT Outsourcing
Our strategic location means we are within a similar time zone to our clients. Additionally, we can provide high-quality services at reduced costs, and offer a larger


Analytics and automation are generating opportunities for businesses and industries around the world.

They are reshaping the landscape, creating competitive advantages and enabling agile-based decision making processes.

Our nearshore software development company offers solutions to identify new business opportunities, prevent failures within operations and systems, and more.

Data Science & Data Analytics

We provide a three phase approach to identify your business goals and develop a data-based plan to meet them.


A company’s ability to adapt, scale, and execute business models and tech infrastructure, is key to a Digital Transformation process.

Our nearshore outsourcing company is a reliable partner for growing your team with the best talent. NovaShore provides a three-step screening process to build a team of experienced web development and software engineering experts.

Work with our nearshore software development company and equip yourself with the best professionals.

All without having to worry about in-house training, payroll, vacations, and more.


Cloud and IT Infrastructure are at the center of business operations, and they are key on the path to Digital Transformation.

We provide specialized and tailored solutions for digitally demanding organizations. Our nearshore software development company can help you transform your business operations into a more efficient and cost-effective one.

Our nearshore company can help your business improve efficiency, reduce risks, and perform better.


At NovaShore, we have an extensive trajectory working with the BOT Scheme. 

Our nearshore outsourcing company provides IT services to build and operate projects for our clients.

We work with the best tools, technologies, expertise, and talent to deliver IT projects that surpass expectations.

When the project is tweaked to perfection, we legally transfer all control back to our clients, helping them save time and resources.


Our nearshore software development company offers RPA solutions for companies looking to automate complex business processes.

Decrease your employees’ workload and automate your processes with a reliable outsourcing partner.

We can help you improve efficiency, save time and resources, and help your team focus on higher-value duties. From data entry, to payroll, sales orders, and much more, our RPA solutions will boost your productivity.


We have the knowledge and technology needed to create experiences based on your users’ specific needs.

Our nearshore outsourcing company can deliver useful, attractive, accessible, and usable products that work best for your users.

We carry out comprehensive analysis to determine the best functionality and looks, and ensure we deliver a positive and memorable experience.

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