Agile Teams


An Agile Team is a cross-functional group of professionals that are dedicated to an Agile project. Team sizes range from 5 to 11 individuals. While executing the project, they focus entirely on it without extra responsibilities or duties.

The Agile methodology was originally used for software development teams. However, it can also be applied to other projects, such as marketing and engineering. This makes it a versatile tool many companies can take advantage of.

An Agile Team Structure should be:

  • Cross-functional: The team should include people with different skill sets that work towards a common goal.
  • Collaborative: Collaboration and communication are a must. Members even engage in training to develop new skill sets and learn from their other team members.
  • Non-hierarchical: Team members have the autonomy to carry out their duties within a flat structure.
Companies can thrive on the Agile methodology. It allows them to focus resources on vital tasks and build a team of highly skilled individuals. However, not all companies have the time, resources, and assets to form Agile groups.
At NOVACOMP, we offer a flexible, cost-effective way to access a pool of talented professionals. We build you a team that’s entirely dedicated to your project and ensure success. Let’s get you started on the road to Agile work.

The Four Core Values of Agile

The Agile Manifesto defines four core values. At NOVACOMP, we ensure your new Agile unit meets them all. This way, our methodology is truly focused on bringing results and reaching goals.


Individuals and interactions over processes and tools


Working software over comprehensive documentation.


Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.s


Responding to change over following a plan.

We prioritize team working and people-driven projects by following the Agile core values.
The ultimate goal is for your dedicated team to deliver a functional and valuable product that meets your expectations and needs.


Focus on what matters most with the Agile methodology. Access a dedicated team of experts working exclusively on your project. Reduce costs, improve quality, and accelerate results with the Agile approach.

With NOVACOMP, you don’t have to worry about organizing a team yourself. We handle everything from the hiring process to office space and equipment. Partner with an experienced and reliable nearshore company and get Agile.

Benefits of the Agile Team Structure

Compared to traditional project management, the Agile methodology provides businesses with a wide range of benefits. This style goes beyond a simple trend. It actually offers high-quality results that prove Agile is the way to go for many projects. Explore some of the advantages of the Agile approach:


The key to Agile projects, as the name suggests, is flexibility. Teams should be able to respond quickly to changes, feedback, and updated goals.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Teams collaborate with customers to ensure they’re involved. They can easily communicate their feedback and feel their opinion is valuable.

Better-Performing Teams

The flat structure provides team members with autonomy. This results in more satisfied, proactive, and reliable team members. Moreover, it increases performance.

Improved Quality

The Agile methodology applies the iterative approach. This means, the project is adapted and improved upon constantly. This results in better quality control.

Reduced Risk

Through constant assessments, team members can easily identify issues before they become bigger. As a result, the Agile methodology includes effective risk mitigation.

Superior Communication

Teams engage in constant communication and interaction. Regular communication can ensure all team members are on the same page and eliminates confusion.


The Agile approach is popular and beneficial to various businesses and industries. Your company can take advantage of the Agile methodology if:

  • You’re building a prototype
  • Your company is technology-focused.
  • You’re working on evolving projects without clear terms from the start.
  • Your project is developed closely with customers.
  • You’re looking for constant upgrades and improvements to your project.

Additionally, companies from the tech, pharmaceutical, engineering, and construction management industries can benefit from Agile.

Get Started with a High-Quality,
Agile StrategY

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