Robust Data​ Analytics Ecosystem

Solution: cloud & infrastructure services

The Challenge:
Design a modern Data Analytics ecosystem that can offer near real-time, good-quality  and insightful information to key stakeholders:

  • Our Fintech client required assistance to organize and extract information from Apache Fineract and application APIs, and ingestion into the DW through GitLab Runner or Snowflake tasks.
  • The data operation required a better orchestration of data transformation semantical layer, and SE’s best-practices adoption such as data documentation & lineage creation and environment-aware deployment.
  • The client had a need for data-quality mechanisms to ensure displayed data is correct and up-to-date. Also, the client required a fast, sharp and appealing dashboards for users to easily answer their questions.

 The Engagement:
Created a solid data structure that can support decision making:

  • Novacomp provided a Team of Data Analytics Engineers with expertise on SQL, DataWarehousing, Dimensional Modeling, Data Governance and Visualization expertise.
  • Using Snowflake and Dorganizing key information into appropriately-related tables and implementingBT, the team focused on the organization of ke y information into appropriately-related tables and the implementation of KPIs organizing key information into appropriately-related tables and implementing to measure and monitor business health.
  • Moreover, using Sigma´s Visualization Tools, the team created sharp and good-looking analyses that were able to answer the most common business questions.

The Benefit:

  • Tools were built to display near real-time information to let management take action on-the-fly and maximize loan portfolio performance.
  • Increased trust in data accuracy & timeliness to foster a data-driven organizational culture.
  • Novacomp’s team provided a company-wide training program that resulted in a 20% increase in the number of employees who are able to build ad-hoc analytics.
  • Through the implementation of Reverse ETL techniques, the team assisted business operations to improve marketing campaign performance by 15%.

FinTech California​ Africa/South America

Solution: Dedicated Team

The Challenge:
  • As a Fintech with a strong Machine Learning backbone, the company was struggling with building the required teams to fulfill its growth necessities.
  • Tech debt and projected features were falling behind. Existing personnel could barely maintain the current platform.​
  • Expected market growth was surpassed by far, increasing the need to improve current services and increase the features portfolio.​
  • Data Engineering responsibilities were distributed amongst existing Analytics, Data Science and Engineering teams.​

The Engagement:
  • Our hiring process covered all the client needs and more. Fanning from practical tests, live technical interviews, cultural assessment and English language verifications, our candidates proved to be over the expected level.​
  • Provided a team of professionals covering all the technical areas involved in the client’s platform development and maintenance.​
  • Our Engineers were selected thinking of providing extra value for the client. Focused on finding tech/business gaps inside the company that not even the client were aware of.​
  • As part of the company, these elements would merge with the client’s culture and mindset, providing a transparent interaction with the rest of the departments.​
  • Communication skills are strongly enforced, as part of our customer satisfaction vision.​
  Tech Lead / Manager ​
  • Agile Coach certified. Vast experience implementing Agile processes and mentoring teams into them.​
  • Deep knowledge of Data Engineering, Analytics and Machine Learning platform concepts and technologies.​
  • Over 15 years of development experience in several technologies.​
  • Experience with mentorship and team growth best practices.​
  • Excellent communication skills, able to translate business requirements into clear technical points. ​
Data Engineers ​
  • Deep Python/Pandas understanding. ​
  • Experts in Database interconnectivity and ETL processes.​
  • Usage of several Data tools and frameworks.​
  • Cloud oriented development experience.​
  • Proactive and highly motivated.​
Machine Learning Engineers​
  • Python Scikit-learn experts with strong statistical knowledge.​
  • Experience creating, implementing and optimizing AI models.​
  • Technical Versatility, able to perform on different tech environments and produce excellent results.​
Data Analysts​
  • Great experience with Data management and Business Intelligence.​
  • Knowledge of top-notch technologies.​
  • Incredible adaptability, quickly learning new technologies.​
  • Strong SQL knowledge, able to optimize the most challenging queries.​
QA Engineers/Architect​
  • Business Focused.​
  • Experience on fully automated environments’ best practices and technologies.​
  • Able to design and implement a QA framework that covered all the areas involved in the platform.​
  • Focused on spreading knowledge around, enabling all the engineers to build code based on QA requirements.