Real Estate

Application Support Category: SalesForce​

Solution: Real Estate

Business Challenge:

The client sought a solution that achieved 4 key objectives: ​

  1. Improve the UX/UI to reduce on-boarding time of new users. ​
  2. Develop features that will enable payment options and provide a personalized experience for each customer. ​
  3. Creation of a Partner Experience Portal to enable access to service appointments and work orders. ​
  4. Enable a more cost-efficient way to use available licenses. And reduce the amount of licenses usage. ​

​Talent: ​

​SalesForce Admin:
To optimize their vendor experience with service appointments and work orders in a way to make it simpler and more cost effective. ​

To solve this problem, we created a Partner Experience, for the portal Vendors. Now they have access to view and interact with their service appointments and work orders, leveraging the use of partner community licenses over salesforce platform licenses, providing a much simpler and cost-effective interface between the client and their vendors. ​

SalesForce Developer:
To improve the user interfaces and overall user experience of our client’s customers, we developed new components and/or modified the features of existing ones. ​

We accomplished that by using the combined power of the Salesforce data model, Experience Cloud, Lightning Web Components, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other development tools.


  • Salesforce Platform (custom objects, fields, and workflows to meet business requirements). ​
  • Salesforce Service Cloud ​
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud ​
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud ​
  • Field Service Lightning ​
  • Salesforce DX (including CI/CD) ​
  • Git & GitHub​

With the Agile team, NOVACOMP setup, now our client’s customers have a modern, simpler, and pleasant portal that allows them to make payments, communicate any type of issue in their homes and get quicker and more personalized support. ​

And the client was able to save at least 30% in expenses and licenses by providing its own Partner Experience Module. ​

NovaDelivery Process:​

Our delivery process is really simple and effective: ​

  • We focus on helping our customers identify gaps and issues where our resources could assist them ​
  • We assigned the best talent to their teams, where we are committed to defining the scope of the project and the requirements. ​
  • We achieve KPIS by having constant communication with the teams and their hiring managers. ​
  • We set Checkpoint sessions with the hiring managers to discuss about roadblocks, improvement areas, career development, and achievements. ​
  • Our Review Status Meetings are scheduled from the beginning of the project to ensure a seamless process. ​​​​