Solution: AI/NLP/Chatbot

Our client, an IBM Watson LATAM Partner, needed a solution to provide customizable virtual assistants to diverse clients for addressing customer inquiries using AI chatbots. They aimed to offer this service through various plans, tailored to specific needs and budgets. The goal was to deliver 24/7 customer support, leveraging IBM Watson’s NLP capabilities, including Intent Detection and Sentiment Analysis.

Implementation Steps:
The implementation journey consisted of several key steps:

  • Base Corpus Data Collection and Preparation: We collected chat data in multiple languages to train a base intent model for common interactions. 
  • Licensing, Training, and POCs: We acquired the necessary licenses and conducted proofs of concept (POCs) to ensure our team had the required expertise. 
  • Model Training and Development: We began transfer learning for intent models and developed the conversation flows, as well as the underlying infrastructure. 
  • Solution Evaluation: At every agile cycle, we rigorously tested and evaluated the solution, gathering feedback from business stakeholders, customers, and technical experts. 
  • First Main Release and Deployment: After multiple quality assurance iterations and refinements, we launched the product into production for various clients in the banking industry.

Novacomp assembled a cross-functional team of experts in marketing, business development, software development, and NLP solutions. Collaborating with IBM Watson experts, we developed a versatile virtual assistant solution:

  • Dynamic Intent Classification: Customizable models for specific business contexts. 
  • Embeddable Chatbot: Seamlessly integrated into websites, available 24/7. 
  • Intent Detection: Recognized user intentions for precise responses. 
  • Advanced Analytics: Included Sentiment Analysis and feedback mechanisms. 
  • Integration: Personalized user experiences with location, profile, and preferences.


  • Efficiency and Productivity: Clients saw improved customer service processes. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: Users received personalized, quick, and accurate assistance. Increased in 32% .
  • VoC Monitoring: Automated data collection enhanced customer satisfaction tracking. 
  • Cost-effective Solution: Added value to business processes and services. It reduced costs in 25%.

Novacomp’s customizable virtual assistant solution empowered our client to enhance customer service, driving efficiency and satisfaction. This user-friendly, 24/7 support system with VoC monitoring ensures continuous improvement and adds substantial value to their business processes and services.