Solution: Analytics & AI​

Apply QA best practices to the creation of the Chatbot.

  • The client was an AI consulting firm, looking to balance the portfolio in order to go beyond consulting and to productize the offering.​
  • The company decided to create a Chatbot using all regular functionalities so that the client could customize the product via wizards.​
  • The expectation was to create a Chatbots at a lower cost to target small and mid size firms.​
  • Due to market timing constraints and only a few dedicated developers, the firm decided to engage with Novacomp to include QA into the product to increase usability and product quality.

The Engagement:
Novacomp provided QA personnel with experience on AI.

  • It was a fixed priced 4-month project.
  • The product was released to the market with a strong core that will make features easier to me modified/adjusted.
  • QA and Dev framework was easy to be leveraged due to the effectiveness of the QA function.
  • Novacomp participated in all stages of the Product launch, pre and post deployment.
  • Subsequent enhancements were quickly made due to the speed of the QA service by Novacomp.
  • Novacomp was able to perform QA testing for non-structured information via automation to adapt to the ever-changing AI algorithms.

The benefit:
Full engagement in the Chatbot´s Product Release.

  • Novacomp provided a dedicated team to support the product´s launch.
  • Novacomp also provided standard best practices following the Agile methodology within the development process and accelerated the time to market of the Chatbot.
  • The firm was able to create an MVP fairly quickly due to the Agility of the development process and the speed to resolve issues.
  • Having a stand-alone QA team, it reduced the client´s Bias towards the quality testing performed on the ChatBot.


Key technologies:

  • Sikuli
  • Eclipse
  • Jmeter
  • Blazemeter
  • NLP
  • NLU
  • Selenium Web Driver


Data feeds/Integrations:

  • IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding
  • IBM Watson Sentiment and Context Analysis