Cloud tech

Data Center Migration

Solution: Cloud & Infrastructure Services​

The Challenge:​

Digital Transformation and services modernization. ​

  • Client recommendations in regards of the benefits of a public cloud. ​
  • Diagnostic and evaluation across vendors (AWS, Azure and KIO). ​
  • Services modernization to achieve better scalability. ​
  • Complete adoption of Azure as the main data center. ​
  • Project execution within a 12-month window. ​
  • Full infrastructure analysis of 150 servers tor migration stage definition.​

The Engagement:​

Administration and Usability. ​

  • Full assessment performed to understand the current infrastructure setup. ​
  • During the migration, obtained hybrid benefits via the new acquired licensing structure. ​
  • Cost optimization due to increased computing power and proactive monitoring. ​
  • Guidance through the adoption of Microsoft Cloud with the support of certified engineers (Azure Administrator & Azure Security Specialist). ​
  • Initial testing, security, migration model and configuration of connectivity solutions. ​
  • Traffic optimization and implementation of low latency connectivity services using ExpressRoute during service engagement. ​
  • Full platform integration using Paas.​

The Benefit:​

Access and optimal use of implemented services on the public cloud. ​

  • The client went from a monthly to an annual payment model. ​
  • Major security improvements on critical services. ​
  • Support and guidance for all Azure cloud services. ​
  • The client improved all SLAs to their final clients. ​
  • Server and services performance improvements.