Solution: AI/ML

For the past 15 years, we have partnered with a leading Insurance Company, deploying a dedicated team of over 90 professionals to manage their accounting processes. Historically, the company faced challenges in financial reconciliation due to residual balances remaining in their accounting system. To address this, they utilized a tool named “Nativa en Cero” for necessary accounting adjustments. However, this tool, developed years ago, was limited by its single-user functionality and time-consuming operation, leading to significant delays in closing monthly financial statements.


  • How to make the application multi-user, as it originally functioned with a virtual screen device simulating manual user execution.
  • How to reduce the processing time of the adjustment process significantly.



  1. The entire logic, initially written in native Cobol, was analyzed, and the routines were gradually migrated to SQL DB2 Stored Procedures.
  2. Although there was a substantial reduction in execution time, further optimization was achieved using SQL Execution Planning and SQL Performance Monitor tools to enhance code efficiency and table access, considering tables with millions of rows.
  3. Instead of using the virtual screen, the QTEMP library was employed. This library assigns each user or job a specific area in each server session, enabling multiple users from each branch to reconcile their policies swiftly and thus expedite the overall accounting process.